Hire Me

The short: I have acquired a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over years. My current objective is bring my tech skills to a full time position. I’m comfortable working across the stack. For examples of my programming work, view my projects here or read on.

So what can I do for you?

Writing – Articles (any topic), Essays, Book Reviews[1] → $40/hour
Community Engagement/Manager[2] → $45/hour
Professional Meme Creator[3] → $25/meme
Marketing → $36/hour
Video Editing[4] → Retired. (Previously $40/hour)
1:1 Tutoring[5] → $50-75/hour (MCAT, SAT, AP Biology, and more)
Opinion-as-a-Service[4] → $40/hour

Currently, I am focused on becoming a full stack software engineer[A] and publishing my writing. If you have or know of any opportunities that seem like a good fit, please reach out.

[A] Full stack projects I’ve made– Medical Pager Chat, Gold’s Gym Workout web app.
I made these completely free to use client-side application tools– Image Resizer, YouTube Thumbnail Downloader, Reddit Media Scraper, TabSave Chrome extension.

[1] Need a guy that can write? I’ve written hundreds of posts across the last 8 years varying in subject and complexity. These range from science literacy focused explainers, Op-Eds, reviews, and interviews.

[2] Need a guy that can manage and moderate your groups? I’m him. I’ve started and grown several Facebook and Instagram pages from 0 to thousands of followers and have consistently generated millions of impressions per month.

[3] Need someone with meme experience? I’m somewhat of a connoisseur, myself. I’m always on the lookout for the latest discourse cycles, trends and meme formats. They inspire my solo work. I conceptualize, record and edit videos for YouTube and TikTok using tools like Final Cut Pro and Photoshop.

[4] Need an experienced YouTube video editor? I don’t provide this anymore because I’d rather edit my own YouTube videos but I do love making thumbnails and providing critiques on video ideas or completed videos. If you’re interested in that, send me an email through the link above.

[5] 94th percentile MCAT score, 99.426th percentile SAT score, tutored 1,000+ students over 7 years ranging from middle school to collegiate level (science, literature, standardized test prep)