Projects / Little Snippets

Medical Pager Chat Application (NEW) → Fully featured chat application with threading, channels, direct messages, user account creation/authentication, and SMS notifications. Multimedia messaging support–gifs, videos, photos. Built with React, Node (Express), and Stream API. Frontend deployment through Netlify. Backend server host is Replit.

Gold’s Gym Workout Web App (NEW) → Application that uses Gold’s Gym API and YouTube API to show different workouts based on equipment or muscle group targeted with video tutorials. Built with React. Node.js backend on Replit.

Resizer (NEW) → Client-side browser application that accepts image files and resizes to specified dimensions without distorting the image. This can be installed as a PWA by adding the bookmark to your phone’s home screen.

YT Thumbnail Downloader (NEW) → Free, super fast tool that grabs the highest quality version of a YouTube video’s thumbnail.

Reddit Media Scraper → Downloads videos and images from the main page of a specified subreddit. BeautifulSoup, JSON, Python. Self install instructions provided.

TabSave → TabSave is a Chrome extension that allows users to save the URLs of all their open tabs in a window to their clipboard and text file if they wish to. Self install instructions provided.

Archival Snippets

Simple E-commerce Website → Buy a product (currently inactive) – HTML/CSS Frontend, Backend is NodeJs, Stripe integration, hosted on Replit.

1000 Haiku Progress Bar Gist → JSON, RSS, API, Scraping, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap

Tweetify This → I wanted to see if I could draft something up that worked with a single HTML file – scripting and styling is all done inline!

Crypto Current → Frontend is React, Backend is Node.js, calls multiple APIs, performs a few conversions.