The future hasn’t been built yet. You know those life-saving treatments and advances in healthcare technology? They’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible for you and me. The medical field is constantly evolving. New patent applications are filed and granted every day. The future is being built as we speak. Healthcare is vast and its advancements carry implications for not just how well people will be but also how society will operate in the decades and centuries to come.

Healthcare is complicated. I wanted to understand it so I made Medtelkasten.
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Medtelkasten is in it’s early days. Yet, it’ll give you insights from books, articles, podcasts, and other premium content I pay with my time and money to access–all for free. All for you. Ditch the confusion and come along for a pleasant trip with me as we explore the depths of medicine, one week at a time.

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The medical field is a fascinating scene. Don’t believe me?
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