About Knowledge Box

Need some positivity? I run a mindful weekly newsletter called “Knowledge Box.” Every Sunday morning, I send out an email brimming with warmth to start off the week.

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Here’s what you can expect to get with a given edition:

  1. Art Piece of the Week
    Become more culturally aware.
  2. One Free Completely Original Poem.
    This will range in form and content.
  3. Quick Productivity Tip
    I’ll share a quick tip that I’ve learned that could make you more productive and more creative.
  4. Quote/Excerpt of the Week
    This part of the newsletter is for something that resonates with me.
    It could inspire you too.
  5. Interesting Tidbit From My Research
    I do a lot of reading. Thus, I come across a lot of interesting things.
    What are those things? Well, check out the archives for examples.
  6. The Weekly Tweet
    Something interesting that will make you think.
  7. Maker’s Lab
    I share my progress on building a workflow and just the different things I’m learning.
    If I come across an awesome tool or app, this is where I’ll share it.
  8. Recommended Reading // Media Recommendation
    If I see a neat YouTube video or watch a great movie or find a cool TV show I’ll link it and quickly tell you why it is worth your time.

Oh and not to mention, whenever I post a new article, essay, or publish some work, you’ll get first dibs on it

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