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  • There’s something to be said about the people in your life with whom you feel you can never get enough time with.  As we get older, it’s harder to make new friends. That’s a natural […]
  • Derek Sivers‘s book Anything You Want is packed full of entrepreneurial wisdom. I read through it and wrote down some of the key points and ideas in this book summary. You can get the book […]
  • Medtelkasten Article #2 I want to open this up with a story. A mystery if you will. Can you figure out the answer?  A detective walked into a hardware store on his day off and […]
  • Medtelkasten Article #1 Surprise gifts are nice. Surprise bills are not. They’re unpleasant and no one likes them. Yet, surprise medical bills are an unfortunate reality for many in the US and will likely affect […]
  • This is in response to a lot of posts I’ve seen on my feeds about Morning Pages. Don’t waste your time I know what you’re thinking. But typing them is so convenient! Good observation. That’s […]
  • Notes: This book is one in a series of a few volumes to be released on mental models. Our mental models help us anticipate things that will happen and provide an explanation for those things. […]